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What is EcoCardz?

  • EcoCardz is the modern way to stay connected and make a memorable impression! It’s a greener alternative to traditional business cards. It allows users to have their colleagues or prospects download their business profile information to their cellphones anytime/anywhere by text message.

1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8333 sheets of paper

  • 10 business cards to a sheet of paper
  • 25 sheets to total a 250-card box
  • 3-sheets of paper to a card (card stock)
  • 75 sheets of paper to a 250 card box of business cards
  • 6 boxes of cards to a ream of paper
  • 100 boxes of business cards would save one tree!
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How do they work?

  • Broadplay Mobile uses the short-code 123411 to make it easy as 123 to deliver the 411 to cell phones. By creating and registering a company or employee name in the system, relevant information can be delivered to cell phones on request. Try text messaging BROADPLAY to 123411 to witness the power of EcoCardz in action. An easy online interface allows the user to upload relevant contact information in real-time.

What is the PUSH business card service?

  • The PUSH business card service allows you to send your details instantly to your contact’s cell phone. As a registered EcoCardz Holder, your cell phone is recognized by our system and automatically retrieves your Business Card Profile information from the database. By text messaging your contacts’ cell phone number (with area code) to 123411, the system is able to identify where to send your information in real-time.

What is the PULL business card service?

  • The PULL business card service allows your contacts to text message your Business Card ID to 123411 to receive your Business Card Profile information instantly to their cellphone. You can advertise this option on your printed materials (signs, business cards, website etc) or tell the person you are speaking with how they can retrieve your details.
Help to support our Enviroment

Green Event

Have you ever heard of 'precycling'? It's way better for the environment than recycling.

Precycling is the practice of avoiding waste in the first place by making choices such as buying in bulk, choosing products with minimal packaging, using and reusing your own containers and avoiding throwaway items (such as paper cups, foam plates and plastic cutlery). How much precycling you can do is limited only by your imagination and how far you're willing to go to protect our environment.

Recycling is better than trashing, but it is still an energy-intensive activity, because recycled materials need to be transported and reprocessed. Precycling is simply about thinking a few steps upstream, and making more eco-friendly choices. You could argue it's a fancy name for Reducing, the most important of the three Rs!

  • Testimonials

    • EcoCardz are easy to use and quick to send! And they never get lost like regular paper business cards.

      Raymond, Waterloo
    • I'm excited that I can use EcoCardz to get my small business be more earth friendly.

      Monica, Toronto
    • Every time I send an EcoCard, I know I'm helping to keep the world green.

      Terry, Ottawa
    • EcoCardz are easy to carry anywhere with me, they're right in my phone!

      Kelly, Montreal
    • Using EcoCardz helped save me a lot of money, and its helping the environment too.

      Paul, Toronto
    • This is amazing, I have done my part to be "ECO-FRIENDLY", save this plante!

      Catherine, Brampton
    • Love your ECO-CARDZ, Love the Enviroment!!

      Elizabeth, Midland
    • ECO-FRIENDLY could be FUN & Convenient like this!!

      Adam, Toronto

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